Our goal is to help you resolve health problems and to get your body working the way you want. Only you live in your body, and since no one has as intimate an understanding of what you’re experiencing, communication between us is an essential part of achieving health goals.

We will do our best to communicate the nature of what we see in your case, and what our recommendations are for improvement. We encourage questions, and will do our best to answer them, or to send you in a direction where answers can be pursued.

For your part, we will expect candid commentary about changes your experiencing. We also understand that while we can answer questions, make recommendations, and improve the joint and nerve issues that are impairing your health, you are ultimately the one who will make decisions about the activities of your life and the tradeoffs that those decisions represent. We’ll work with you, and like any team, will council the best advice we can give, and work for the best outcomes we can achieve.