Dr. Todd

Todd Teicheira DC, DGCSS

Born in California, I made my transition from the three room Falls Elementary School in Suisun, to graduation from the University of California, Berkeley, with a degree in Business. With a rough and tumble childhood including falls from horses, crashes on mini bikes, and leg fractures from falls on wooden skis with bear trap bindings, I found that by the age of 18, I could no longer lay on my back without significant pain to the low back area. While I dismissed it as the effects of “just getting older” (after all, everyone gets low back pain as they get older, right?), I was fortunate to have a mother who had grown up in a Chiropractic family. She recognized that low back pain was only a symptom of a bigger problem, and promptly ushered me to Chiropractic care.

For me, initial Chiropractic treatment seemed good, with spinal adjustments that felt good at the time, and gave initial relief, but with my low back pain soon returning, and the overall change to
my condition limited. It wasn’t until several Chiropractors had been tried that I met my first Gonstead practitioner. He was the first Chiropractor to pursue a full examination, take xrays, discuss the source of the problem, and adjust my spine using Gonstead Specific technique. The results were markedly different.

Within a short time, the low back pain had resolved, but I also found that other circumstances of my life that I considered “normal”, changed for the better.

I found that for the first time in recent memory, I could sit in class without a dull pain in my lower back. I found that I could lay in bed without my legs being restless, feeling like the muscles needed to be contracted to then allow them to relax, only to find the need to repeat the exercise over and over to try to get to sleep. I found that while skiing I could turn as easily to the left as I had been turning to the right. I found that I could walk, stepping up for curbs without catching my foot.

It was a profound change to my life, and led me to the pursuit of becoming a Chiropractor to help improve the lives of others with my work. Though I’ve found opportunity in the years since to challenge my body by crashing in brand new ways, I’m blessed to be active in ways I could never have expected had I not been introduced to Chiropractic care at an early age.

I hope that if you have questions about your health, you’ll take time to ask for answers as to how Chiropractic might help.

Curriculum Vitae:

University of California, Berkeley, B.S. Business Administration

Palmer College of Chiropractic, Doctor of Chiropractic

Diplomate: Gonstead Clinical Studies Society

Volunteer History: Mt. Bachelor Rotary Club, 10 years; Board of Directors, Deschutes Childrens Foundation, 3 years; Assistant Scoutmaster, Troop 18, Boy Scouts of America, 7 years; Deschutes County Search and Rescue, 7 years.

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