When driving an automobile, it is important to set the vehicle cockpit to be ergonomicly supportive. Start by moving the seat all the way back. Then, sit with your feet flat on the floor, and your hands in your lap. Set the seat-back into an upright position and adjust the lumbar support to hold the curve into low back. Comfortable support of the low back’s forward curve allows the neck and shoulders to relax over it.

Once the seat is adjusted, move the seat forward until your feet are over the pedals. Adjust the steering wheel height so that arms are comfortably relaxed, not elevated or reaching out for it. Initially you will feel like you’re too close to the steering wheel, but as you drive you’ll find that the relaxed posture of the neck, shoulders, and arms will allow a more comfortable trip and easy control of the vehicle.

On longer trips, do some stretching and quick exercise, like a short, brisk walk, some pull ups, or stretching before climbing into the car. Then plan your trip to take breaks en route to get out and move.

It’ll make for a trip that is much kinder to your overall health and well being.