The Ten Minute Lifestyle

Confessing that we’re all busy is an understatement. What with balancing family commitments,
work, household chores, relationships, and all the other demands of our world, it’s easy to lose
ourselves in the distractions, and miss that we’re the important part of the task. It’s also easy to
ignore the simple need for exercise as part of our saving of self to give to the world.

One way of creating a personal environment that is supportive, is to manage exercise activities in
smaller, less obtrusive increments. This can be done by thinking the common chore into an
exercise activity, or by taking breaks in the down time of TV or reading to include short orderly
exercise activities.

For example, using tasks of stacking firewood as an opportunity to use the wood as an aid to
stretching, or as a weight for short repetitive motions to work different muscle groups. Using
commercials during your favorite TV show as an opportunity to run through a quick set of
pull-ups is another option. Or how about standing on the balance disc or using it as an tool for
floor exercises while watching your favorite show, or even while reading.

Each of these activities on their own are minor adaptations to what your already doing. But in
each case, the cumulative effect of having done something adds up to big gains in overall health
and retained function.